Nancy Jacobs: State Senate: Maryland District 34

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Dear Residents of District 34, Supporters and Friends: 

     This will be my final posting as the end of my term is drawing near.

     I don't know where to begin to thank you all for the years of support you have given me - from my early days in the House of Delegates to the last sixteen years as your State Senator.  It has been a road travelled by few, but never more rewarding than for me because of the faithful people of Cecil and Harford County.

     I am honored to have been the first woman ever elected to the position of Senate Minority Leader and Minority Whip in Maryland history.  Most of all it has been my honor to have been your Delegate and Senator for the past twenty years.

     We have worked hard together passing legislation dealing with Jessica's law, gangs, drunk driving, cord blood initiatives, the Move Over Law and most recently the inclusion of tow trucks in the Move Over Law.  Together we have fought and continue fighting to retain our Second Amendment rights and to protect our children from violent sex offenders who prey upon them.  We have done our best to rein in spending and have challenged the long list of increases we have seen in taxes, fees, and burdensome regulations.

     I have so many very fond memories of those I have met and now call friends that I will always cherish.

     My decision to retire has been bitter sweet.  I look foward to spending quality time with my husband, our daughters, their husbands, and my eight grandchildren.  However, I will miss serving the wonderful people of Cecil and Harford Counties.

     I have always hated to say "goodbye".  Instead I shall say my heartfelt thank you, may God bless you all, and I will be seeing you! 



Senator Nancy Jacobs

District 34-- Harford and Cecil County







Senator Jacobs...

  • Fights to make Maryland affordable for working families.
  • Focuses on bringing jobs to our community.
  • Works hard to keep Harford and Cecil safe by creating tough gang laws.
  • Protects our families- especially children- from child predators by working to create tougher laws.

We need Nancy’s experience...

  • To help get our state budget under control.
  • To continue to protect our children.
  • To meet the challenges of growth from the BRAC initiative.
  • To provide jobs for Maryland’s hard working citizens