After nearly a year of thoughtful consideration, prayer and discussion with my family, I am announcing that I will not seek re-election to my State Senate seat in 2014. This has been very personal and extremely difficult decision to make because I love representing the people of Cecil and Harford County.

Nancy Jacobs: State Senate: Maryland District 34

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Senator Nancy Jacobs 

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Close of the 2014 Legislative Session

With the ringing of the bell at midnight, April 8, 2014, the 2014 Legislative Session came to an end.

For me it was a bittersweet moment as this was the end of my last legislative session. I couldn't help but reflect on my twenty years as a state legislator for Cecil and Harford County. It has been a great honor for me to serve you and I will continue to do so until my successor is named.

There are so many fond memories that I shall cherish always, but I'm also reminded of the frustration and concern I have for our state. I pray with the upcoming elections that citizens of our state will dig deep into their souls and vote for those who not in just words, but deeds, will protect and defend our Constitution.

I would like to provide you with an update on the legislation I introduced during the 2014 Legislative Session:


SB-3/HB-436 – Vehicle Laws – Operation of a Vehicle When Approaching Tow Truck. Senate Bill 3 amends the current ' Move-Over Law to now include tow trucks. Though the original bill included service vehicles, the House version was amended, and service vehicles were removed.

I thank my colleagues and friends, Senator Bryan Simonaire for co-sponsoring this life saving legislation and Delegates Dave Rudolph and Jim Malone for cross-filing my legislation in the House.

SB-15/HB-212 – Election Law – Statewide Voter Registration List – Removal of Deceased Voters. The passage of this bill will allow the State Board of Elections to use the Social Security Administration reports of deceased individuals in order to remove these voters' names from the voter rolls in a more expedient manner.

With the help of Senators Bill Ferguson and Ed Reilly and the support for this legislation by the Maryland State Board of Elections, Linda Lamone and Mary Wagner, this bill once signed by the Governor will go into effect on June 1, 2014.

SB-272/HB-3 - Sentencing Procedures - Statement by Victim or Victim's Representative (Alex's Law). This is legislation which I was asked to cross-file for my good friend, Delegate Mike McDermott. This new law will require in a sentencing or disposition hearing, a court to allow a victim or the victim's representative to address the court under oath before the imposition of sentence or other disposition under specified circumstances. Senate Bill 272 has already been signed by the Governor.

SB-730/HB-389 - Maryland Transportation Authority - All-Electronic Tolling – Study – Working closely with my District 34 B Delegate and friend from across the aisle, Delegate Dave Rudolph, the passage of this bill will temporary halt the removal of cash toll lanes from the Thomas J. Hatem Memorial Bridge between Harford and Cecil Counties. The passage of this bill requires the Maryland Transportation Authority to study and report on the status of its initiative to implement all-electronic tolling; requiring the study to address specified matters, including an analysis of all-electronic tolling in other states and a description of various all-electronic tolling programs; requiring the Authority to submit the report on or before January 1, 2016; and prohibiting the Authority from implementing all-electronic tolling at the Thomas J. Hatem Memorial Bridge before January 1, 2016.

I extend my deepest appreciation to Mike Kalinski of my staff, Patrick Fleming of the MTA and others for bringing this study to fruition.


SB-475 – Harford County – State's Attorney – Annual Salary – I and my good friends, Senator Glassman and Senator Jennings, introduced legislation this year which would have increased the salary for the Harford County State's Attorney to that which is more in line with other county's state's attorney salaries. This legislation passed the full Senate unanimously, but the House Delegation did not take any action on it.


SB-18 – Higher Education – Military Dependents – In-State Tuition – I extend my heartfelt appreciation to Senator John Astle for co-sponsoring this bill. Senator Astle has proudly served in the Armed Forces and knows the sacrifices our military service people and their families make while protecting and defending our country.

This bill, if passed, would have given active or retired military dependents in-state tuition rates for college so long as some time during the four years preceding their entrance in college they had resided in Maryland.

It is with deep sadness that this bill was never brought before the Education, Health and Environmental Matters Committee members for a vote.

SB-24 – Higher Education – Military Dependents – Nonresident Tuition Exemption – In a small measure of appreciation to our military dependents, SB-24 would have provided to them in-state tuition rates to Maryland state colleges.

SB-270/HB-358 – Law Enforcement Personnel – Training – Human Trafficking Offenses – Despite the support of the Republican Senate Caucus members, and 21 Democrat sponsors from across the aisle, this bill which would have required the Governor's Office of Crime Control and Prevention to provide mandatory training for specific individuals addressing human trafficking.

This piece of legislation was given an unfavorable report by the Senate Judicial Proceedings Committee as was the cross file by the Judiciary Committee.

SB-271 – Income Tax Credit – Home Instruction Expenses – Co-Sponsored by the Senate Republican Caucus and amended to provide a credit against the State income tax for non-public education not to exceed $1,000 per year.

This bill was given an unfavorable report by the Senate Education, Health and Environmental Matters Committee on February 7, 2014.

SB-674/HB-858 – Criminal Procedure – Prohibition – Sexual Crimes Involving a Minor –  If passed this bill would have added specified sexual crimes involving a minor to a list of crimes for which a court may order probation for a time longer than the sentence imposed subject to specified limitations; and repealing a specified requirement that a specified defendant consent in writing to a specified order of probation.

This bill was determined not worthy of a vote by either the Senate Judicial Proceedings or House Judiciary Committees.


Bills I introduced with co-sponsors from both sides of the aisle:

SB-728 – Public Safety – Licensed Firearms Dealers – Background Checks - would have provided licensed firearm dealers to make direct contact with the FBI NICS system for an initial background check before releasing a firearm after the seven-day waiting period.

SB-729 – Public Safety – Permit to Carry, Wear, or Transport a Handgun – Qualifications – would require that "self defense" can qualify as a good and substantial reason to wear, carry, or transport a handgun for purposes of the issuance by the Secretary of State Police of a permit to carry, wear, or transport a handgun.

SB-731 – Department of State Police – Firearms – Prohibition on Provision of Information – would have prevented the Maryland State Police from involving other state agencies, entity, or individual, except as necessary to participate in the National Instant Criminal Background Check System, in sharing specified confidential information.

SB-758 – Assault Weapons – Firearms Collector – Possession – this bill would allow licensed firearm collectors to purchase and transport up to four assault weapons per year.

SB-974/HB-659 – Public Safety – Regulated Firearms – Transport Through State – would have allowed a person who is not a resident of the State, and who is not prohibited from possessing a regulated firearm in the person's state of residence, may transport a regulated firearm through the State to another state under specified circumstances.



Senator Nancy Jacobs

District 34-- Harford and Cecil County

Senator Jacobs...

  • Fights to make Maryland affordable for working families.
  • Focuses on bringing jobs to our community.
  • Works hard to keep Harford and Cecil safe by creating tough gang laws.
  • Protects our families- especially children- from child predators by working to create tougher laws.

We need Nancy’s experience...

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  • To meet the challenges of growth from the BRAC initiative.
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