Nancy Jacobs: State Senate: Maryland District 34

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Unlike in 2012, this year's general election features only two statewide ballot questions. They could, however, prove just as important in the long run as the controversial issues that voters decided last election.



Question 1

Constitutional Amendment

(Chapter 422 of the 2013 Legislative Session)

Transportation Trust Fund – Use of Funds


Amending Article III by adding Section 53 to the Maryland Constitution

The first  statewide  ballot  question is  the  result of  the  passage of  last  year's  gas  tax increase bill, HB 1515, and the accompanying legislation to create a so-called "lockbox" for the money in the Transportation Trust Fund, SB 829. This bill took the form of an amendment to Maryland's constitution that now requires the approval of a majority of the votes cast in the upcoming election in order to take effect.

If  approved, the  amendment would  prevent moneys  in  the  Transportation Trust Fund from being diverted to the state's general fund or any special funds, except if the governor declares a "fiscal emergency" and three-fifths of all the members of each chamber of the General Assembly approves of the re-allocation. Some may argue that this loophole could be exploited by the Democratic monopoly in Annapolis, but abuse of that exception would surely be used to attack its supporters in key races in future elections.


Question 2

Constitutional Amendment

(Chapter 261 of the 2014 Legislative Session)

Special Election to Fill Vacancy in
Office of Chief Executive Officer or County Executive


Amending Article XI-A, Section 3 and Article XVIII, Section 2 of the Maryland Constitution

The second statewide ballot question arises from the passage of HB 1415 during this year's legislative session. This too is a constitutional amendment and would require a majority of Maryland voters to approve the question in order for it to become effective.

If approved, the amendment would authorize but not require Baltimore City and any counties that have adopted charter home rule to hold a special election to fill a vacancy in the office of the chief executive or county executive. This election could be held at any time that is provided for in the charter of the applicable jurisdiction. Some point to the need for this amendment in order to avoid the kind of hassles that were experienced in recent years as a result of some scandals at the county level of politics in Maryland.




As you all know I will be retiring at the end of my term. It has been an honor and a pleasure to serve the past 20 years as your representative in Annapolis. 

The upcoming General Election on November 4, 2014 will determine the future of Maryland, and whether it will be more of the same, or a new chapter that will bring lower taxes, more businesses to Maryland, fewer regulations, and the protection of our freedoms.


It is for these reasons that I endorse the following individuals who are running for office: 


Bob Cassilly

District 34
State Senator

         Learn more about Bob by going to:  http://www.bobcassilly.org/about-1.html


Mike Blizzard
District 34A
House of Delegates

Learn more about Mike by going to:  http://mikeblizzard.com/


Susan McComas
District 34B
House of Delegates 

Learn more about Susan by going to:  http://www.smccomas.com/


Wayne Norman
District 35
State Senate

Learn more about Wayne by going to:  http://www.votewaynenorman.org/meet-wayne.html


Teresa Reilly
District 35B
House of Delegates

Learn more about Teresa by going to:  http://teresareillyfordelegate.com


Andrew Cassilly
District 35B
House of Delegates

Learn more about Andrew by going to:  http://andrewcassilly.com/


Local Elections


Harford County


Senator Barry Glassman
County Executive

Learn more about Barry by going to:  http://www.barryglassman.com/home.php


      President of County Counsel     Richard C. Slutzky

                                    District A      Mike Perrone, Jr
                                    District B      Joe Woods
                                    District C     James V. "Jim" McMahan, Jr.
                                    District D     Chad R. Schrodes
                                    District E      Patrick Vincenti
                                    District F      Curtis L. Beulah

      States Attorney                          Joseph I. Cassilly

      Clerk of the Circuit Court         James Reilly

      Register of Wills                        Derek K. Hopkins

      Sheriff                                        Jeffrey R. Gahler




Senator Nancy Jacobs

District 34-- Harford and Cecil County







Senator Jacobs...

  • Fights to make Maryland affordable for working families.
  • Focuses on bringing jobs to our community.
  • Works hard to keep Harford and Cecil safe by creating tough gang laws.
  • Protects our families- especially children- from child predators by working to create tougher laws.

We need Nancy’s experience...

  • To help get our state budget under control.
  • To continue to protect our children.
  • To meet the challenges of growth from the BRAC initiative.
  • To provide jobs for Maryland’s hard working citizens