After nearly a year of thoughtful consideration, prayer and discussion with my family, I am announcing that I will not seek re-election to my State Senate seat in 2014. This has been very personal and extremely difficult decision to make because I love representing the people of Cecil and Harford County.

Nancy Jacobs: State Senate: Maryland District 34

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Senator Nancy Jacobs 

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2014 Legislative Session

It seems not that long ago we ushered in Sine Die of the 2013 Legislative Session. We are but two short months away from a new session.

It should be a very interesting process as we will be in an election year where promises will abound, and "feel good" bills will be introduced to make us forget the goings on for the past three years. I cannot imagine my constituents and supporters forgetting the passage of the Firearm Safety Act of 2013, the increase in the gas tax, the introduction and collection of taxes for the rain, increased tolls, the end of the death penalty, in-state college tuition for undocumented immigrants, legalization of same-sex marriages in Maryland, congressional re-districting, and a long list of other tax and fee increases projected to cost Marylanders $9.5 billion through fiscal 2014.

I'm am looking forward January, 2014, with mixed emotions as this will be my last session as Senator for District 34, Cecil and Harford Counties. My staff and I have been working hard since the beginning of the summer on legislation.

Here are just some of the bills I have already had drafted. Please visit my web site periodically, as I will be constantly updating the list of bills I plan to introduce.

Vehicle Laws – Operation of Vehicle when approaching a Tow Truck and Other Service Vehicles – This will amendment the State's Move-Over Law to include tow trucks and other services vehicles. Since the failure of the Senate Judicial Proceedings Committee in a 4-7 vote to move this bill forward, I have included other services vehicles to the original language of this bill. This is a bipartisan bill. Had it been moved forward it perhaps would have saved lives and serious injuries which have occurred since March 14, 2013 when this bill was given an unfavorable report.

Election Laws – Boater Voter – This bill would designated, as a voter registration agency, the Department of Natural Resources.

Higher Education – Military Dependents – Nonresident Tuition Exemption and Higher Education – Military Dependents – In-State Tuition. The first bill would give military dependents in-state tuition rates regardless of where the service member is stationed. The second bill would be given in-state tuition rates to military dependents so long as there was attendance in a Maryland school at any time in the previous 4 years to applying to an in-state college.

Election – Voter Registration – Report of Deceased. This bill will require the State Administrator of Elections to arrange to receive reports of deceased individuals from the U. S. Social Security Administration; and authorizes the State Administrator to arrange to receive reports of certain deceased individuals from any agency or entity if the State Administrator determines the reports are reliable; and generally relating to obtaining reports of deceased voters for the purpose of maintaining the accuracy of the statewide voter registration list.

Public Safety – Firearms Licensed Dealers – Background Checks. Due to the backlog of firearm applications, this bill would allow for a period of two years for Firearms Licensed Dealers to request a National Instant Criminal Background (NICS) check on the applicant by telephone or electronically with the descriptive information provided on the ATF Form 4473. When FFL receives a "proceed" or "not disapproved" response from the NICS check on the applicant they are to record the NICS Transaction Number on the ATF Form 4473. After the seven day waiting period the FFL may then release to the purchased the firearm.

Crossed Filed Bills

Law Enforcement – Training – Human Trafficking (Schuh). This bill would require the Governor's Office of Crime Control and Prevention to provide mandatory training for certain individuals in addressing human trafficking; requiring the training to focus on certain issues; requiring the Governor's Office of Crime Control and Prevention to seek the input and participation of certain organizations in the preparation and presentation of the training; and generally relating to training to address human trafficking.

Income Tax Credit – Home Instruction Expenses (Schuh). This will would allow a parent or guardian a credit against the State income tax for certain home instruction expenses; providing that the credit may not exceed a certain amount; providing that the credit may be carried forward to another taxable year.



Senator Nancy Jacobs

District 34-- Harford and Cecil County

Senator Jacobs...

  • Fights to make Maryland affordable for working families.
  • Focuses on bringing jobs to our community.
  • Works hard to keep Harford and Cecil safe by creating tough gang laws.
  • Protects our families- especially children- from child predators by working to create tougher laws.

We need Nancy’s experience...

  • To help get our state budget under control.
  • To continue to protect our children.
  • To meet the challenges of growth from the BRAC initiative.
  • To provide jobs for Maryland’s hard working citizens